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Ms Ann Tan
Ms Ann Tan

Ann Tan has been a familiar and welcoming face at ACRM since 2006.

She graduated with a Diploma in Nursing the same year and consequently obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Sunderland, UK in 2010.

Heading up the team of specialist nurses at ACRM, her role focuses on ensuring her and her team deliver the most positive and successful experience for ACRM patients and their families, from start to finish. Ann and her team work closely with each doctor, assisting not only with consultations, operations and procedures, but also provide counseling, education and treatment for couples undergoing IVF treatments, from pre-operative to post- operative stages.

Ann’s calm and sociable demeanor has seen her build a close rapport with many of ACRM’s patients, and she continues to develop her team to ensure patients receive care of the highest standard.

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