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When it comes to assisted reproductive technology, it can be very important for patients to know the prices of procedures like IVF before committing to a treatment plan. At ACRM, we have provided a clear and transparent list of prices for our services. Our prices are positioned competitively within the market in order to allow more would-be parents the affordability to achieve their dreams of parenthood. In addition, we have priced our packages in such a way as to allow Singaporean patients to fully utilise the Medisave subsidies that the Singaporean government has provided to encourage locals to consider procedures such as IVF. With our prices, it is possible for patients to spend less than $3,000 SGD out of pocket after Medisave claims, keeping your fertility treatments affordable. Please contact us for more financial counselling information.
Assisted Reproductive Treatments
Cost (SGD) excluding GST

Including pelvic ultrasound, semen analysis and consultation

Including doctor & anaesthetist fees, procedure and recovery room charges, embryo laboratory charges, ICSI, embryo freezing (up to 2 cryodevices), storage up to 3 months

Including doctor fees, procedure and recovery room charges, embryo laboratory charges

Including doctor fees, procedure and recovery room charges, embryo laboratory charges, embryo thawing

Including doctor fees, laboratory and procedure room charges

Additional Laboratory Techniques
Cost (SGD) excluding GST

Lase assisted embryo hatching before embryo transfer

Culture of embryos to days 5/6 in laboratory

Price range depending on culture period

Price per cryodevice

Storage up to 1 year

Per freezing procedure

Laobratory charge


  • Prices correct as of 1 January 2019
  • ** Price range dependent on individual treatment requirements
  • 50% of the full estimated bill size will be collected upon confirmation of the treatment, and the remainder will be collected upon completion of treatment
  • Please call the clinic at +65 6474 3900 for any pricing and billing enquiries

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