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Ms Faith Hogan
Ms Faith Hogan

Ms Faith Hogan is partnering ACRM to provide fertility counselling and support to couples going through fertility treatments and IVF.

Infertility, and subsequent fertility treatments such as IVF, can be very stressful matters. ACRM has partnered Ms Faith Hogan, founder of Mindwise Counselling & Training, to provide fertility counselling services to all our patients.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science of Psychology from the University of Southern Queensland and a Masters degree in Counselling from Monash University, Faith has been trained in helping couples deal with the stress of fertility treatments.

She has many years of experience providing counselling and psychotherapy to patients, and has had a hand in developing the fertility counselling process in some of the top private hospitals in Singapore and Southeast Asia, such as Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Gleneagles Hospital.

Examples of what Faith is able to help individuals or couples with include:

  • Anxiety relating to treatment procedures or decision making
  • Guilt, anger, envy or other negative emotions caused by infertility issues
  • Depression
  • Inner conflict or confusion regarding conceiving and parenthood options
  • Issues arising from couple sexuality or sexual dysfunction
  • Grief and loss from miscarriages or failed treatments

On top of this, Faith is also trained in working with patients with severe mental illness and depression, as well as patients undergoing stressful events or physical ailments.

Languages That Ms Hogan Speaks
  • Ms Faith Hogan is fluent in English
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