Benefits of a One-Stop IVF Centre

When it comes to IVF, the biggest concerns for patients are the success rates, and the security of the procedure. The importance of the success rate is obvious, but so is the idea of privacy and security. Having a one-stop IVF centre can help to alleviate these concerns, leaving the patients to concentrate fully on their parenthood journey.

The IVF Lab at the ACRM one-stop IVF centre

What is a one-stop IVF centre?


A one-stop IVF centre is one where all the necessary steps for IVF are completed in-house. This includes the majority of the scans, diagnostic tests, and the actual IVF procedures. In many traditional IVF centres, tests such as semen analysis may be conducted outside of the IVF centre, in other partnering urology clinics, for example. Or the egg retrieval may be conducted within the IVF centre itself, but sent to a third party laboratory for actual IVF and embryo development.


A one-stop IVF centre is one where the entire IVF cycle is able to be done within the premises of one centre. This would require a fully equipped IVF laboratory as well as an operating theatre for egg retrieval and embryo transfer. A one-stop IVF centre would also have its own cryogenic storage facility for the storing of frozen embryos and sperm for future use. Lastly, it would need to have a diagnostic laboratory to conduct tests such as semen analysis.




For many people, infertility can be a very private matter. If you are required to “report” to different clinics and centres in order to complete the different parts of the IVF cycle or diagnosis process, that means that you would be exposed to more people and have to explain your infertility to different doctors and nurses.


A one-stop IVF centre that performs all the necessary tests and procedures in-house means that patient will only need to visit one centre for their IVF journey, diminishing the hassle of travelling to different clinics or centres and lowering their waiting time.




When IVF first started, one of the most common worries in the minds of patients were “How do I know that the baby is mine?”. The concept of the fertilisation of the egg outside of the body led many to wonder about the security of the procedure. After all, the egg, or the sperm, could be accidentally mixed with other patients. It was a conceptual issue that took years before the general public became acceptable with the security of the procedure.


In cases where the IVF procedure is done in a separate facility from the original clinic, or if the eggs, embryo or sperm is stored in a separate facility, there can be higher chances of accidents happening. This can be due to something as simple as wrong paperwork or labelling, since such specialised facilities may serve multiple IVF centres at once.


A one-stop IVF centre prevents such accidents from happening since every aspect of the IVF cycle is completed in-house. This means that there is no confusing paperwork between different centres, no issues with transportation of the samples from one place to another, and with a smaller volume of cases, less chance of mixing samples.


Success rates


A one-stop IVF centre can also have a positive effect on the success rate of your IVF cycle. Having the same team handle your IVF cycle from the diagnosis stage all the way to the actual procedures mean that there is better direction and communication regarding your condition and needs. Centres that require the services of other specialised centres for certain parts of the IVF process may find that there can be a difference in opinion regarding your treatment.

Having one team handle the entire process lowers the chances of miscommunication, which means that your IVF journey can go exactly as how your fertility specialist finds most optimal.

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