Building Futures: The new ACRM IVF Package

The new ACRM Building Futures IVF Package at only $7,388 SGD, giving you a safe and affordable way to fulfill your dream of parenthood.

Building Futures: ACRM IVF Package


For most married couples, having a family is one of their dreams for the future. With the marrying age rising in Singapore, infertility is becoming more and more common. IVF is one of the best ways to cure infertility, but the financial costs of IVF can be a major obstacle. At ACRM, we are committed to helping you fulfil your dream of having a family. By using the latest developments in IVF technology, and cutting our costs, we have created a new IVF package that is affordable while offering you the best chance of becoming pregnant.


At $7,388 Singapore Dollars, the ACRM Building Futures IVF Package includes:


  1. One full IVF cycle including egg retrieval and embryo transfer
  2. Laboratory, standard consumables, recovery room and procedure room charges
  3. Embryo freezing (up to 2 cryodevices)
  4. Frozen embryo storage up to 3 months
  5. Doctor’s and nursing fees for egg retrieval and embryo transfer
  6. Anaesthetic fees for egg retrieval


The ACRM IVF Package will be managed by the Medical Director of ACRM, Dr Lim Min Yu.
Call or whatsapp us at +65 8511 4633 for more information.

A comprehensive fertility screening test may be required for us to determine how best to treat your infertility problems. For those couples who have assessed to possibly require more than one cycle of IVF, we will be able to offer special multiple-cycle IVF package to give you the best chance of becoming pregnant. If you are unsure about whether or not you require our IVF package, feel free to come to our clinic for a consultation in order for Dr Lim Min Yu to assess your infertility problem and offer you the best course of action.


Terms and Conditions apply:

Package is open to all patients regardless of nationality

Medisave claims for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents where applicable

Additional charges for drugs prescribed

Package price is exclusive of GST

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