Is a Private Clinic Worth the Cost When Pursuing IVF?

The grief, confusion, and fear surrounding infertility can all be incredibly isolating. All you and your partner want is to be parents, this thing that seems to come so easily to so many other people. Why can’t it come easily to you?

We’re lucky that in Singapore, we have access to world-class public healthcare. That means just about anyone who needs to pursue fertility treatments in order to conceive can, which isn’t the case in many other countries. But compared to public hospitals, private clinics can be a great deal more expensive. And with the quality of care available in a public hospital, is there any good reason to choose private for IVF?

We are well aware of the tremendous cost disparity between private clinics and public hospitals. And we can see why you and your partner might prefer to go the public hospital route—raising a baby is expensive, after all, and you may want to save as much money as possible right now, while you can. It makes sense.

But let us walk you through a few of the benefits of pursuing IVF through a private clinic, pointing out where your money goes and how it is utilized.

When it comes to paying for IVF, there are two main ways to offset the cost:

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) co-funding can help co-fund 75% (capped at $7,700) of your IVF cycles, but only if you pursue treatment through a public hospital. The amount of co-funding varies, depending on the citizenship of the couple and other factors.
  • Medisave can provide up to $15,000 per patient over the course of subsequent IVF cycles, and it is available to use at both public hospitals and private clinics.

Why Choose Private?

So if you choose to go with a private clinic, there are ways to reduce those costs. And what you get in return can be priceless. Consider that a private clinic offers you:

  •     A personalized protocol. While public hospitals use the same protocol for every IVF patient, regardless of whether or not it works for them, private clinics often utilize blood tests and ultrasounds to monitor the number and size of your developing follicles, adjust your medication based on your response and body, and determine the best time for egg retrieval.
  •     Embryo Quality Assessment. A private clinic is more likely to guide you through the various considerations that might impact which embryos you choose to transfer, almost like giving you the option of choosing your baby.
  •     Better technology. At ACRM, we have all the newest equipment and are up to date on the latest techniques to give you the best possible chances of success.
  •     Increased convenience. When you pursue IVF through ACRM, you get a say in when appointments are scheduled, and all your tests and procedures take place at the same location. We even have an in-house lab, so there is no juggling addresses, no worrying about whether or not you’re in the right place, and no wondering if the nurse you’re seeing today will recognize you or know anything at all about your case.
  •     Care, privacy and security: At a private clinic, the staff knows you and your partner by name. They are invested in your success and share in your sadness if your first IVF round doesn’t succeed. At ACRM, we have a whatsapp messaging line so that you can get answers to any questions you may have throughout your treatment cycle. When you have a clear point of contact, as you do when pursuing IVF through a private clinic, there is just more peace of mind that you are getting personalized care, making mistakes less likely to happen. And the staff is always there to make you feel comfortable and heard.


At the end of the day, this is a very personal choice. 

We know that going through IVF is incredibly taxing, emotionally, physically, and financially. We also recognize that you and your partner have come to this place because you are so ready to build your family. The emotions involved in this decision can be big, and only you and your partner can weigh what is and is not worth the cost to you.

At the end of the day, choosing a fertility partner is a personal choice that you shouldn’t take lightly. And we sincerely hope that you bring home the baby your heart yearns for.

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