Double Stimulation (DuoStim) Method

How is this method different?

Double stimulation (DuoStim) method is based on performing two hormonal stimulations and two oocyte (egg) retrievals, namely the follicular phase (FPS) and luteal phase (LPS) stimulations in the same ovarian cycle. Like that in a regular IVF treatment cycle, hormonal stimulation starts on day 2 or 3, leading to an oocyte retrieval. In a DuoStim treatment, this is followed by a second stimulation a few days later, so that follicles which did not grow enough during the first stimulation phase grow further and mature, which are then collected in the second oocyte retrieval.

What is the advantage of DuoStim?

DuoStim allows collection of an additional set of oocytes especially for poor responder patients. This method increases the number of collected oocytes several fold in some patients, resulting in an increased number of blastocysts and increased option to replace the best embryo(s) during the embryo transfer procedure.

All resulting embryos or blastocysts are frozen, the transfer will take place only during the next cycle when woman’s endometrium is ready. DuoStim approach may increase the cumulative live birth rate.

This combined FPS and LPS with a freeze-all strategy may be applied more extensively in future, and may be more cost-effective.

Which patients may benefit from DuoStim approach?

  1. Women that require urgent collection of oocytes, including those with cancer or other medical conditions
  2. Women of advanced maternal age (> 38 years), low ovarian reserve or younger women with premature ovarian failure
  3. women with Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) levels lower than 1.0 ng/mL
  4. Poor responders to ovarian stimulation
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