Dr Anupriya Antenatal Packages

Packages INCLUDE thefollowing:

  • Consultation + 2D Scan
  • Blood Pressure & Weight monitoring
  • Urine Dipstick – Protein / Glucose
  • One complimentary post-natal consult

Packages EXCLUDE the following:

  • Down syndrome screening
  • Blood tests, external ultrasound scans e.g. NT/FA/growth scans or other investigations
  • Medications & Supplements
  • Doctor’s delivery/ Anaesthetist (if required) & Hospital Charges

Investigations not included in package


*Additional charges apply for horoscopic timing*

*Anaesthetist: $800 – 1000 and above
*Neonatologist (if required): $1500 and above

Important notes:

  • Package price is not inclusive of GST
  • Antenatal package rates apply to routine singleton pregnancies only (high risk pregnancies requiring additional monitoring will incur additional costs)
  • Package excludes night/after office hours consultation and delivery fees
  • Package is non-refundable regardless of cause for premature termination
  • Up to $900 is claimable from Medisave in eligible individuals