Faith Hogan


Faith Hogan


“I believe in listening closely to my client’s issues, and how they perceive themselves; this helps me best personalise and deliver what a client needs the most from therapy.”

Faith Hogan has helped heal the ’body and soul’ for more than 16 years, initially nursing patients with physical ailments, and subsequently clients who undertake counselling and psychotherapy. It was her desire to hand-hold clients’ emotional wellbeing that led her to commence her studies with a degree in Psychology. After managing a psychiatric unit, she further equipped herself with a Masters in Counselling. This intimate understanding of the interplay between physical and emotional states helped guide and ‘heal’ her clients, and their families.

Infertility, leading to involuntary childlessness, affects one in six couples and is capable of fostering a negative psychosocial impact on your and your husband’s life. Faith realised couples may need help facing this aggravating issue and has supported infertile couples and those undergoing assisted reproduction procedures since 2012.

Faith is a friend, a sister, a therapist and is available to help you face:

  • Anxiety related to treatment procedures or decision making
  • Guilt, anger, envy or any other negative emotions caused by infertility issues
  • Low mood and other disturbances caused by treatment, loss of pregnancy and postpartum depression.
  • Inner conflict or confusion regarding conceiving and parenthood options
  • Issues arising from couple sexuality or sexual dysfunction
  • Grief and loss from miscarriages or failed treatments
  • Patients with severe mental illnesses and depression, as well as patients undergoing stressful events or physical ailments

Faith, who is the founder of Mindwise Counselling and Training, is certified and able to participate as an approved counsellor in fertility clinic’s regular audits for the prerequisite Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) accreditation and other regular audits in Singapore. She was actively involved in developing the fertility counselling processes in some of the top private hospitals in Singapore and Southeast Asia, including Mount Elizabeth and Gleneagles Hospitals. She is a member of the Singapore Association of Counselling and believes in continuously upgrading her knowledge and counselling skills. 


  • BSc Psychology (BSc Psych)
  • Masters in Counselling (MCouns)
  • Member, Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC)