Unsure about what to do next?

Do I Need A Second Opinion About My Infertility Diagnosis?

Facing an infertility diagnosis is challenging and understanding all the medical terminology can be difficult.

It is common for someone who is surprised by the infertility diagnosis to seek a second opinion. After all, it is a significant decision that may impact your future possibilities.

You may have several emotional and practical questions and are unsure of whether to continue with the recommended treatments at your clinic.

These are some of the typical reasons why you would need a second opinion:

  • To be 100% sure of the diagnosis you are given and its respective recommended treatments
  • Desire to explore other options, if any, before making your decision
  • Doubts, however small, about the accuracy of diagnosis given to you
  • Looking for a trustworthy and compassionate doctor or clinic
  • Financial concerns

What we can commit to you at ACRM if you do choose to get a second opinion with us:

  • Exploring all options possible for you, to give you the opportunity to make a well-informed decision.
  • Advise if additional testing is needed for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Patience and support in helping you understand your diagnosis and the recommended treatments.
  • Understand that your journey is unique to you and the recommended treatments should cater to your individual goals and expectations.

We are happy to meet with anyone who is seeking a second opinion. Simply book an appointment with our specialists and we will gladly be a guidance through your journey.