Hormone & Andrology Laboratory


A patient’s convenience and privacy has always been our ultimate concern.

Couples consulting with our fertility specialists at ACRM have the benefit of an on-site blood-hormone laboratory within the clinic, enabling test results to be available within an hour. Couples can also have an initial diagnosis of their condition within the same visit.

Our on-site Andrology laboratory provides basic and specialized semen tests. Basic semen test results are available to patients within two hours. Specialized semen tests including sperm DNA fragmentation and Hyaluronan binding assay (HBA) results are ready within six hours. Sperm survival test results are available within 72 hours. For the men’s comfort and convenience, a private semen collection room is available for them to produce the semen sample.

Couples arriving from overseas have found our on-site laboratories convenient and efficient. Arriving at ACRM in the morning, they are able to complete their fertility assessment with the specialists and depart for home on the same day.