My First Fertility Appointment

“I am confused and frustrated that I am not pregnant. Am I having fertility issues?”

That is what some women would think when they feel the mounting pressure to get pregnant. This is a scenario that is normal and fairly common, happening to 1 in 6 couples trying to have a baby. The lack of information and not knowing your circumstances will not solve the problem.

Misinformation or lack of information can escalate any emotions you may already be feeling. It is time to seek professional help to have a more accurate diagnosis of your condition. Going for a fertility appointment at an earlier stage will help to identify problems and rectify them early.

Our fertility specialists, nurses and embryologists will provide you with as much information as possible during your visit to ACRM. We will make you comfortable and confident in our care as you learn more about your diagnosis and condition. The fertility technologies and expertise at ACRM will give you the optimum chance to achieve success. 

With thousands of babies born since 1993 with ACRM, you should make an appointment today by calling us at 64743900. We will request for your details, such as your name, mobile number and your purpose of visit, and we will provide you with the earliest available appointment.

These are some of the things you will need on your first appointment:

  1. NRIC/FIN or Passport (for non-residents)
  2. A referral letter (if any)
  3. Previous medical results (if any)