Our Centre


ACRM (Advanced Centre for Reproductive Medicine) is a comprehensive, one-stop reproductive health centre, with special focus to the treatment of infertility in women and men. 

Our specialists have the expertise to diagnose your fertility problem, solve small issues and perform laparoscopic surgery to correct complications within your reproductive system. On top of that, to maintain your holistic wellbeing with services in General Obstetrics and Gynaecology. ACRM is equipped to allow patients to experience a private, seamless visit from specialist consultations, ultrasound scans, diagnostic tests and the IVF treatment cycle, all within the clinic. We provide:

In-house IVF centre: fully-equipped IVF laboratory, operating theatre and cryostorage facilities. The IVF unit is certified by Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) of Australia and accredited by the Ministry of Health (Singapore)

Comprehensive in-house blood-hormone and semen tests laboratory within the clinic, results available to your specialist within 1 ½ hours. The specialist is equipped to carefully monitor your treatment closely, using blood test results and ultrasound scans, to pick up the slightest response change which may impact the choice of medication for continued treatment and timing for procedures (egg collection or embryo transfer).

Senior fertility specialists and senior embryologists who will be constantly in touch with you and will ensure attention to detail, using appropriate technologies and procedures to contribute to your success. Your treatment is confidential and secure, all handled by the same team from start to end.