Our Embryologists

Tracy Ong

Chief Embryologist

Ms Tracy Ong graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) from the National University of Singapore in 1972 and attained the MLT certification in 1975. She was awarded a scholarship by Singapore General Hospital and trained in advanced Semenology at Edinburgh University in the United Kingdom. She furthered her IVF and PGF training at King’s College Hospital in the United Kingdom too. She also obtained the ICSI training certificate from Brussels Free University and University of Adelaide.

Ms Ong has been an Embryologist since 1987 and has more than 30 years of experience in managing an IVF laboratory. In 1990, she was scientist in charge at Singapore’s National Sperm Bank and Gamete Research Centre at Singapore’s KKH Women and Children’s Hospital. In 1997, Ms Ong relocated to Hong Kong to set up and manage a private IVF centre – Victory ART Laboratory.

Following the successful set up of Victory ART Laboratory, Ms Ong went on to establish and manage three additional IVF laboratories in Hong Kong and the Philippines between 2003 and 2012. Between 2013 and 2020, Ms Ong was a part-time consultant embryologist with Thomson Fertility Centre in Singapore.

In January 2022, Ms Ong joined ACRM as Chief Embryologist, where she leads a team of embryologists and works together with couples to complete their dream family.


  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Nanyang University
  • Certificate of competency on all laboratory aspects of in vitro fertilisation – Assisted Conception Unit, King’s College Hospital, United Kingdom
  • Attachment with Edinburgh University, United Kingdom
  • Accredited Embryologist, Ministry of Health, Singapore

2021年 Tracy Ong 担任ARCM试管婴儿胚胎室科技总监。

1992 年 Tracy 在伦敦大学进修单精子胞浆注射技术,以帮助那些由于男性原因引起的不孕。1997 – 1998 年,Tracy 特地前往爱丁堡大学专研精虫实验。2001年,前往英国剑桥大学进修胚胎移植前基因诊断技术,这是对于那些在治疗中反复失败的病例及有遗传病史的病例又一项新技术上的突破。而这些进修机会都是由当时政府医院所保荐。

至今Tracy 的医疗足迹踏遍多个国家及地方:
1987 – 1993年就职于新加坡中央医院负责精子实验室主管
1993 – 1998 年任职于新加坡竹脚妇幼医院但当国家精子库和配子研究中心科技主管
1998 – 2005 年受聘于香港胜利辅助生育所任职胚胎实验室主管
2003 – 2005 年前往位于菲利宾新成立的胜利辅助生育所任职胚胎科技总监
2000 – 2012 年受香港仁安医院诚邀,始初以胜利辅助生育所外派身份坐镇仁安医院试管婴儿胚胎实验室总监
2005 年正式加入仁安医院担任试管婴胚胎实验科技顾问和总监
2013 年加入新加坡汤姆森生育中心担住试管婴儿实验室胚胎科技顾问
1999 年杭州第一例冰冻胚胎试管婴儿宝宝由Tracy 所成功创造。当年国内的冰冻胚胎与解冻胚胎移植技术都处于不成熟阶段,冰冻胚胎移植的成功率非长低。当时她受邀前往杭州进行学术受教并亲身示范帮助一位试管婴儿病人移植冰冻胚胎成功怀孕。而在当时的杭州这是冰冻胚胎移植的第一个成功案例。

Rochelle Caballes Trivino


“Life begins at conception. It is with great affirmation and honor that I can serve as an instrument to assist in procreation and fulfilling a hope towards having a complete and happy family.”

Rochelle Trivino found her calling in the field of embryology after various pursuits within the service industry. Passionate in the field of life sciences, she obtained her degree in Medical Technology in the Philippines and has worked for several years with significant experience performing diagnostic laboratory procedures in Philippines and Singapore.

Rochelle joined ACRM in 2014 as a Medical Technologist. She was then trained in the various laboratory assisted reproductive techniques including sperm/embryo cryopreservation, surgical sperm retrieval techniques and comprehensive sperm diagnostic tests. She completed an IVF training stint at Monash University, Australia, and received authorization to perform laboratory Assisted Reproductive Techniques by the Ministry of Health (Singapore) in 2015.

Rochelle assists in the administration and smooth functioning of the embryology and andrology laboratories. She was involved in the preparation of quality and administrative documentation for ACRM’s accreditation for the different regulatory bodies.

As an embryologist, Rochelle believes she has found her purpose in life sciences. It is a humbling experience to be able to partake in a couple’s journey towards achieving their dream of completing their family. She is a versatile team player with all her colleagues and adapts well to her patients and their needs. 


  • B.Sc. (Medical Technology), Philippines
  • Certificate of Training in Assisted Reproductive Technology – Monash University, Australia
  • Accredited Clinical Embryologist, Ministry of Health, Singapore

Jenny Chua Tiong


“Having a baby is one of the greatest joys and blessings any couple can have. Being a part of a couple’s journey to have a baby is truly one of my most remarkable experiences… with that, I am more motivated to work with our team to create happiness for all future parents.”

Jenny Chua Tiong embarked on her career as a Medical Technologist in the Philippines and Singapore. She first joined ACRM in early 2015 as a Medical Technologist performing hormonal and semen assays. Her dedication, attention to detail and independence whilst working in the diagnostic laboratory are certainly qualities that are well-suited for the role as an embryologist. She was subsequently trained to perform the various laboratory Assisted Reproductive Techniques and was sent for an IVF training stint at Monash University, Australia. She achieved authorisation to perform laboratory Assisted Reproductive Techniques by the Ministry of Health (Singapore) in 2018.

Jenny is an embryologist who diligently performs Andrology and Embryology procedures including sperm/embryo cryopreservation and surgical sperm retrieval techniques. She is efficient and meticulous with detailed documentation required for every procedure.  Coupled with her pleasant personality, Jenny has the confidence and ability to establish and maintain supportive relationships with clinicians, colleagues and patients.

Aspiring couples, who desire to have children, are her biggest priority and Jenny trusts that hard work pays off and is motivated to help them through their treatment and relieve their anxiety.


  • B.Sc. (Medical Technology), Philippines
  • Certificate of Training in Assisted Reproductive Technology – Monash University, Australia
  • Accredited Clinical Embryologist, Ministry of Health, Singapore