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Posted 15 Mar 2019
Dr Lim Min Yu
Welcome to ACRM!

As Medical Director, I wanted to share my approach towards treating patients, so that you might get to know me a little more and have an idea of what to expect when we meet for your very first consult. 

At the heart of my practice is a belief in a consultative approach to fertility planning. Beyond an OBGYN and fertility specialist, I see myself as a guide for my patients. I empower them to regain confidence and control during an especially trying time, where it can sometimes feel like their own body is betraying them.

In my over a decade-long experience specialising in fertility, I’ve helped hundreds of couples. I understand how stressful and demoralising the failure to get pregnant can be. And in contrast, how much more rewarding a pregnancy is when a couple feels they understood and made the right decisions that led to conceiving.

Which is why, nothing makes me happier than working closely with a couple, educating them on their options and helping them develop a personalised plan for their fertility that ultimately leads to a happy, healthy baby.

I look forward to helping you experience the joy of parenthood.

Learn more about Dr Lim Min Yu here.
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