How losing weight can help you get pregnant

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Posted 01 Jun 2017

Being overweight can affect your chances of getting pregnant. If you are trying to conceive, losing weight can help you get pregnant

In Asian culture, there is sometimes the perception that women who are overweight are more suited to having children, since they tend to have wider hips. While a wider pelvis can help in having a smoother delivery, being overweight can actually be bad for your chances of conceiving.Skinny women are often considered to be less likely to have children due to the perception that they are not getting enough nutrients. Women who are very much underweight can find it more difficult to conceive because they tend to experience hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance affects regular ovulation and menstruation, resulting in irregular periods. In addition, the tissue lining of the uterus may be inadequate, making it less likely for a fertilised egg to be implanted properly in the uterus. Irregular ovulation and menstruation makes it more difficult for a woman to calculate her fertile period, lowering the chances of getting pregnant.This does not mean that the heavier you are, the better your chances of becoming a mother. In fact, being overweight is one of the major factors in female infertility. Obesity can lead to over-production of insulin, a hormone that helps control blood sugar. When there is too much insulin in the body, it can lead to increased production of testosterone, commonly known as the male hormone. Excessive testosterone can lead to irregular ovulation or anovulation, which is where the women does not ovulate at all. Without ovulation, no healthy eggs are released for fertilisation.Obesity is one of the leading symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), a common cause of female infertility. However, it is possible to be obese and overweight without having PCOS, and this will still affect your fertility. Being both overweight and underweight can prevent you from getting pregnant, so women trying to conceive should try to get themselves to a healthy weight.

What is a healthy weight for getting pregnant?

BMI Index score calculation

How to calculate your BMI score?

One of the easier ways to determine a healthy weight for you is by calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index). Your BMI is your weight (kg) divided by the square of your height (m). You can make use of the BMI calculator here. For Singaporeans, a score between 22 and 25 is considered to be a healthy BMI. This is lower than the normal range published by the World Health Organization, as Asians tend to have a higher body fat percentage than Caucasians at the same weight. If your BMI is between 25 and 27.5, you are considered overweight. BMI scores above 27.5 are considered obese.

How to lose weight to get pregnant?

If you find yourself overweight and having difficulty getting pregnant, you should consider losing weight in order to improve your chances. Losing weight can also help improve the success rate of any fertility treatment that you may be undergoing.

Moderate weight-loss

It is important to note that sudden weight loss can be detrimental to your pregnancy chances. Losing too much weight too fast can disrupt your normal hormone production, which in turn affects your ovulation. If you do not exercise regularly, an intense exercise regime can not only affect your pregnancy rate but also increase the likelihood of injury. Starving yourself through a special diet can also prevent you from receiving the nutrients that you need.

Healthy, balanced diet

Instead of going on diets where you cut down your food intake drastically, improve your weight by getting a healthy diet that is high in nutrients and vitamins, and lower in fats and carbohydrates. You should try to cut down on the amount of sugar that you consume, as high sugar consumption leads to insulin resistance, resulting in your body producing more insulin than normal.While weight can be an important factor in getting pregnant, it is important to note that not all overweight women are infertile, and not all women within the healthy BMI range are fertile. Being of a healthy weight is generally good for your overall health. If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, you should consult an experienced fertility specialist who will conduct a fertility assessment in order to find the causes of your infertility. The specialist will also be able to advise you on whether weight loss can help with your infertility, and how you can go about it in a safe manner. Find out how the fertility specialists at ACRM can help overweight women get pregnant.
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