Urogynae Package

At ACRM, we believe that women should no longer suffer in silence from common urogynaecological conditions such as sagging pelvic organs, urinary incontinence and bladder issues. Be it after childbirth or as you mature and age, the ACRM Urogyn package works with you to provide personalised solutions for urogynaecological issues ensuring early detection and treatment of these conditions.

  • $ $350 Package excludes GST
  • Consultation with Specialist Female Urogynaecologist

    • Detailed history for symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence or other bladder issues, including any significant medical conditions or previous surgeries.
    • Physical examination to assess for presence and/or severity of pelvic organ prolapse, as well as pelvic floor muscle strength and tone.

    Pelvic (transvaginal) ultrasound

    Exclude uterus and/or ovary abnormalities e.g. fibroids, polyps, cysts 

    Bladder (transabdominal) scan

    Check for residual urine (bladder emptying function)

    Urine analysis

    Check for urinary tract infections, blood in urine

    Bedside one-on-one education

    Hands-on teaching on Kegel (pelvic floor) exercises and techniques

    Tailored treatment plan

    Customised treatment proposal for any urogynaecological issues identified