Vulva Care in Singapore

The vagina has its own ecosystem of micro-organisms that ensure protection from infections. It has a self-cleaning system in the form of normal vaginal discharge. Using the wrong products or underwear may upset the delicate balance of natural vaginal organisms and irritate the vulva.


  • Wear loose clothing – try to avoid jeans, tight-fitting pants, leggings or pantyhose
  • Try to wear white 100% cotton underwear. Materials like nylon or other manmade fibres may irritate your vulva if you have sensitive skin.
  • Avoid wearing thongs
  • Use a mild soap to wash your underwear and double rinse them. Avoid fabric softeners for your underwear
  • Try going without underwear at home or while sleeping if you are experiencing vaginal itch or discharge
  • Change out of wet swimwear immediately after swimming


  • Use soft, white toilet paper
  • Do not wash your genital area more than 1-2 times a day. Use mild, unperfumed soap and warm water to use the outside of your vagina
  • Do not douche
  • Do not use feminine wash, feminine spray/deodorants, bath oils, talc or powder
  • Avoid scratching. Relieve your itch with a cold pack.


  • If you prefer to use sanitary pads, try and change brands until you find a particular brand that is more suited for your skin
  • Menstrual cups are another option. Avoid deodorant tampons, and change them regularly.
  • Do not use tampons when using vaginal suppositories or creams as they may absorb the medications

Vaginal Pessary Medications (If Any)

    • Take your medicines exactly as prescribed. You can continue treatment even if your period starts.
    • Avoid sex until your treatment is complete
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Can I moisturise my vulva?

As you get older, your vagina and vulva becomes dryer and less stretchy. Some people take the hormone oestrogen to slow down this process, but it may not be safe for everyone. 

Some women use vaginal and vulvar moisturisers to help increase moisture in the vagina and improve tissue quality, especially during menopause. Please note that these products are different from lubricants, which are used during sexual activity. Vaginal and vulvar moisturisers should not be used during sexual activity. You can purchase them over-the-counter, but discuss with your doctor which is best for you.